Options that are most convenient to park a car at the Melbourne airport

The second largest airport in Australia is the Melbourne airport that is also known as Tullamarine Airport. Before 1970s when it was opened, there was mush smaller airport that was called Essendon Airport. The main problem for travelers, when they get to the airport by their own car, is where they can leave their cars when they have to go on a journey.

Several parking businesses are located within or outside of the airport peripheries that have in offer various airport parking options. Generally, those options allow travelers to leave their cars at parking places, no matter if it is on short or long term basis. Basically, such parking options require that drivers must drive their cars into the busy airport park, to find a proper place to leave their cars and then to hurry to the busy terminals in time for their flight time.

The thing they can do that is most convenient is to park their cars on the airport parking lots that are located outside of the airport. In most occasions it is better to use car park Tullamarine (Melbourne airport parking) than to go around searching for available parking spaces which can save you both money and time. Parking companies that have parking places near airport allow travelers to drive their cars right into allocated parking space, and there is no need to call them and make a reservation. When you rent a parking space, the company should provide a transfer for travelers to the airport, so that they won’t be late for their flights. This kind of service shouldn’t be additionally charged.

carpark-melbourne-airportWhen you are looking for a proper parking company, you should also find out if they offer some extra services. For example, they can get your car washed and waxed, or even can be fixed by their mechanics, while you are on your journey, so you can be sure that your car is fully taken care of.

Melbourne airport parking has many facilities to offer to their clients. Their parking is undercover, has security cameras on every floor (there are four floors) and is locked up, so that you don’t have to worry about your car safety. They also offer parking places for motorbikes. Every floor is color coded, so you can easily find your car, and all aisles are wider than normal. They also offer a short or long term parking that is convenient and cost-effective.

Except courtesy transfers, they also have service that is called “Ring and Ride”. After you safely park your car, this service offers you to use their shuttle service to collect your friends, family or business associates from Melbourne airport, while you are waiting for them in their United Customer lounge or at the adjoining Mantra hotel bar and café area. Important thing you should know is that the “Ring and Ride” service only available to the United Airport parking customers.

No matter if you are traveler or you have to go to the airport to wait your family or friends to arrive, with all these service that are provided from Melbourne airport parking, so you can just sit, relax without worrying about your car, your family or your safety.