All Things Created Equal; Except A New York Style Wedding

New York City is a big city full of liveliness, noise, and wonderful things to do. When you have a wedding in New York, you are forced to compare it to Broadway Musicals, events in Central Park, and comedy shows that happen every day. In order for your wedding to be the social event of the year, you will need to do it big. The only way I can imagine this happening is by hiring the best wedding planner to coordinate the details. There are five key details that are necessary for you to have the grandest wedding this year.

The Venue

wedding day in new yorkThere are unlimited options for wedding venues in New York City, but not all venues are equal. For a big wedding, you will want to consider some expensive and beautiful venues including homes in the Hamptons, the Prince George Ballroom, Manhattan Pent House on 5th Avenue, and the Glass Houses. A wedding planner will be able to help you learn about some less common, but fantastic venues for your wedding such as outdoor wedding venues. She will also be able to tell you which venues will work for a big wedding as well as which venues are best for publicity.

The Dress

If you are going to have a wedding to remember, then your dress is important. Of course, the wedding dress is seen as the most important part of most weddings (at least in the bride’s mind), but in a highly publicized event, what you wear will stand out even more. For this occasion, you simply must go to Kleinfeld’s to get your designer wedding gown. You may even consider choosing a grand ballroom gown for the ceremony, and then a slimmer gown for the reception.

The Caterer

seating at weddingOne of the most memorable things about a wedding is the food. Guests only get to see so much of the bride and groom during the wedding, especially if it is a large wedding. Some people may not get to say hello to you at all. For a luxury wedding, a buffet is not the answer. You will want to go with a caterer that will provide waiters as well as a two course meal at the minimum.

The Cake

Of course, following the food, there must be cake. If you can get a cake from Carlo’s Bakery, then you must. A Cake from The Cake Boss could land you on TV. There is also a reason that this bakery has its own TV show.  If this isn’t an option, there are also hundreds of other cake companies that can do the job for you on your wedding day as well.

The Entertainment

The other thing that guests will remember from the wedding is how much fun it was. Of course, if you get a great DJ and people are up dancing throughout the wedding, people will go home remembering how much fun they had at your wedding. In addition to a DJ, you should try to get a well-known guest performer to sing a set of songs for your big day. This is where having a wedding planner will really pay off. The best wedding planner will know the people she needs to know to get you the performers you want.

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