Can French Press Coffee Make You Code Better?

Yes, not everybody is a lover of the French Press coffee.

However, it remains as one of the classic methods of brewing coffee and if you manage to do it properly, it can create a great cup.

If you want to make a perfect cup every time you use your French Press, avoid these three mistakes.

1. Failure To Grind Beans Properly

When it comes to making good coffee, grind is of utmost importance. Some people would actually say that it is the most important thing. For the French Press, you need the beans to have a coarse, even ground. It is also a good idea to use freshly ground beans, which means that if you have not bought that new grinder yet, it is now the time.

An excellent way of telling whether the grounds are too coarse or too fine is by pressing the filter down. If the grounds are too fine, it will be hard to press it down. If you find that you can easily push the filter down without resistance, the grounds are too coarse.

2. Using A Wrong Amount Of Coffee

The coffee-to-water ratio is the art of the French Press and considering that you are extracting, the time is important. As a rule of thumb, use the 1:10 coffee-to-water ratio i.e. 1 gram of coffee for every 10 grams of water. The ratio can vary slightly but the 1:10 ratio works best.

Obviously, not everyone in West Seattle is into measuring out coffee before brewing a batch. This is fine but it is a great idea to determine the exact amount of coffee and water you require. For instance, assume that you are travelling and don’t have a scale with you. In addition, assume that you know that your travel grinder grinds around 30grams of coffee. To prepare some great coffee, all you need to know is where to fill your French Press to get around 300 grams of water. This is not the most precise of methods but it does produce great results.

3. Leaving Coffee In The Coffee Press After Pressing

If you leave coffee in the French Press after you have finished brewing means that you will drink bitter and over-extracted coffee. The reason for this is that even though you have pushed down the plunger, it will keep on brewing.

It is better to drink your coffee immediately. Therefore, the best solution is to prepare the exact amount of coffee that you plan to drink.

If you know that you will require additional cups and don’t have the time to brew a new batch for another round, brew a big one. After plunging, pour out the remaining coffee into a carafe or thermos so that it remains warm for your refill after you have finished taking the first cup.

In conclusion, if you desire to prepare an excellent cup of French Press coffee, you need to avoid the mistakes highlighted in this article. These 3 mistakes literally stand between you and that perfect cup of French Press coffee you so urgently desire.

Article provided by: Zoka – Kirkland Coffee House

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