All Crumbcakes In New York Are Not Created Equally

new york crumbcakes

There are a variety of restaurants in New York, and each one has its own unique draw. Some offer the best brunch, others offer an assortment of handcrafted cocktails, and others offer a quick solution for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Crumb cakes are one of those unique baked goods that can work as a delicious breakfast paired with New York coffee, an afternoon snack for a quick pick me up, or an easy dessert. There are a lot of bakeries in New York that try to bake the best crumb cakes, but let me tell you… not all crumb cakes in New York are created equally.

Hahn's CrumbcakeBecause of all of the options for crumb cakes in New York, we decided to do a test to see which ones were the best. Every work day for a month, we looked for a new place to try their crumb cake. After trying twenty different versions of this versatile good, we have decided that Hahn’s New York Crumbcakes is the official home of the best crumb cake in New York. Now, that is a bold statement, but believe me, it is true. There are a number of things that make this specialty bakery unique and great.

Hahn’s Is A Specialty Shop

Hahn’s is a little different from a traditional bakery because rather than baking a large variety if baked goods, the shop specializes in and only sells crumb cakes. There are still a few different options to choose from, but when a shop chooses to only make crumb cakes, that means that it has really worked on and perfected the recipe. In case you are wondering about those options, Hahn’s offers old-fashioned crumb cake, the bucket of crumbs (oh sweet heaven), a can of crumbs sweet pack (what a great stocking stuffer), and a raspberry-walnut crumb cake.

The Crumb Cakes Are Old-Fashioned

In many cases, old-fashioned is not good, but in dating and in baked goods, old-fashioned is the way to go. Hahn’s has been around since 1983, which is a long time for a bakery in New York. The bakery has been family-owned and operated for over 30 years. The recipe is an old family recipe, so you know it has to be good. The bakery uses fresh, whole eggs and makes large, handmade crumbs to top off their delicious crumb cakes.

new york crumbcakesThe Shop Offers Online Ordering

You know if a bakery offers online ordering that the crumb cakes must be good. People try them once, and they love them so much that they simply must have them again. Luckily, crumb cakes have a long shelf life. The can of crumbs or bucket of crumbs have even longer shelf lives. If you have someone who is difficult to shop for, then consider sending them a bucket of Hahn’s crumbs. They may not be nutritious, but they sure are delicious!

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