Is social media good or bad for your child?

In the recent couple of years, we have seen a rapid growth in using internet as a primary channel of communication. The fact that all kinds of internet social media have experienced an incredibly rapid growth and popularity, has led to attracting attention from variety of researchers globally. As time passes, almost everybody, from young to old, have accepted the changes that online social media has brought with it. While almost all generations are using at least one kind of social media, it is the teenagers that have embraced this new trend to the extreme. These days, the vast majority of children are growing up surrounded by all kinds of mobile devices and interactive social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, thus making the social media one of the most important aspects of their life. These social media sites have millions upon millions of members and they allow them to share photos, videos, text messages, and more at any point in time. As with the adults, social media has basically transformed the way children and teenagers communicate with adults and among themselves. There is a very high probability that maybe your child is using some kind of social media, which probably sometimes leads you to wondering what are the positive and negative effects of social media on your child and basically everyone else using it.


The obvious fact is that today social network plays an all important role in the lives of teenagers. The great majority of them are spending at least one hour in these popular social media websites. According to some recent studies, generally, 1 out of 7 minutes which are spent online by most of those who can access internet is spent on Facebook or Twitter. The big question is how can spending all that time on the social media sites have a positive effect on them. Well, it falls down to the basic need of teenagers today, and that their need to know what is happening around them and around the globe. That need is satisfied through the use of social media as it helps the teenagers to communicate and share information even if they are many miles apart. It can also help them to connect with people from school and gain access to some new areas of knowledge, thus bettering their education. Also, social media websites have enabled young people to create online groups and pages which are based on their shared discipline in order to build connections which can be later beneficial in their professional carriers.

However, with the positive sides of using social media also come the negative sides. Paradoxically, while social media enables young people to reach out and connect with each other, it can also create a feeling of isolation among them. The fact that traditional face-to-face communication has been replaced with on-screen communication through written words and images is somewhat troubling as it can lead to a number of emotional, psychological, physical and mental problems which include anxiety, depression and many other. Other disadvantages of social media include the development of poor language skills, exposing underaged children to online predators and cyber bullying.

How to make family time memorable

It is not always that you get time to stay with your family for long. When you find that time, make it worthwhile by doing these things that increase bonding.

Play family card games

Playing a game of cards brings family members closer.  You can make family card games more interesting by printing custom decks with various themes. It makes the game seem fresh hence more exciting. Make each member of the family involved by creating cards themed according to their interests. You can the play different decks interchangeably so that each person family gets an opportunity to play cards with their own created theme.

family card games 2There are various themes to use on cards.  It can be about interesting things for each person such as golf, cars or cartoons.  It can also be about things you have in common such a wedding photo for a couple or picture taken during celebration of a special occasion by one member of the family such as birthday, graduation or anniversary. Try to come up with in house rules for a game of cards made just for family pleasure.

Serve ice cream

Make family time during hot weather more interesting by serving them ice cream. An ice cream scoop makes it easier and more hygienic to scoop and serve. A scoop also keeps your hand free of ice cream.

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoops are good as they do not discolor or chip. You can clean them with dishwasher and will stay the same even after repeated washing cycles. It is quite comfortable to hold as it good grips. Stainless steel ice cream scoop is solid and strong. It will not bend when you use to scoop. It has much ability for reaching hard to get areas in ice cream container.  Because of the bowl like shape, a scoop will penetrate into ice cream and pull out rounded sections.

Brew coffee with thermal French press

Thermal French press is a device for brewing pure coffee. It will brew coffee in minutes and within a moment you will be serving your family.  Using a French press is a pure brewing method because it does not use paper filter or anything else that can alter taste of finished brew. It is also one of the simplest ways to brew coffee.

Thermal French pressYou will pour water enough for the people you are serving in the coffee press and turn it on. When it reaches appropriate temperature, pour it slowly over coffee grounds inside the press and stir any remaining grounds floating atop water with spoon so that it gets into contact with water.

Thermal French press brews quality coffee in just 4 minutes. Additionally, you can use it for brewing loose tea as a tea infuser would.

Best refillable k cup

A good refillable k cup is one made of stainless steel because it is durable. There are various types of k-cups with each brand claiming to have best refillable k cup.  A good one is that which has heat resistant grips, proper sealing and metal hinge so as to resist fatigue caused by frequent use. There are types   sold with sediment free filter and micro screen base that ensures full even extraction of coffee.

Protecting the Nature in Your Community

Being eco-friendly and protecting the nature is something that all people are ought to do. There are actually a surprising amount of people interested in conserving and protecting the nature, so if you feel alone in your in your intent, you should try to wake people up, at least in your community. People often want to be environmentally friendly but they don’t know where and how to start. In this article, we’ll teach you how to “recruit” them and transform them into nature keepers.

First, they need to understand what endangers and what protects our nature, they also need to understand the process of changing and conserving our resources and also eventually learn how to make a difference in their environment. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be hard. It simply means you should have a lifestyle that won’t endanger our beautiful planet.

One may say that an individual can’t change anything alone, but that isn’t true. Making small steps you’ll be also making a better place for our future generations. A good way to start is to conserve water and consume less electricity, also you could try driving less and walking more which is also a great physical activity that will improve your overall health. Try buying recycled products and join environmental fighters to contribute in fighting against air and water pollution. The easiest thing you can do which will really help a lot is to plant a tree. Planting a tree is something very simple and you will provide for you and your community living air purifiers that will provide you with fresh oxygen and clean your air out of pollutants more than 75% only in one day. If you have a yard and already have some trees you can hire a tree service company to maintain your little forest. If you’re interested in planting trees but you don’t have enough experience, you should search online for tree services near me and you’ll quickly find a great service to help you create your greenwood. Even if you live in a flat, you should do your best to organize the park in front of the building.

If you make a park filled with trees and plants, you will supply your community with fresh air and pollution free environment. You’ll also provide little residences for animals like birds and squirrels. If you already have an organized “green” park, be sure to keep it maintained. For example you’ll need tree pruning once in a while and other maintaining like protecting it from insects and lighting, fertilizing it etc.

Environmentally friendly communities don’t stop here. They are committed to preservation of natural resources and these people always work on encouraging eco-friendly options like community playgrounds, green constructions, more use of solar energy, more use of public transport (or walking if possible) and other things that make this world a better and healthier place to live. We all have to be aware that natural resources are used to create and support the life we live, but they’re disappearing because we don’t bother to keep them. When we consume all this resources we can completely forget the life that we so comfortably live. Only recycling and conserving water and fuel we can continue to live the way we are used to.

Why You Need A Storage Unit?

There are always some occasions in life when you don’t have enough space in your house or office, and need more. If you have a lot of things or material and wish you could move them somewhere, in a safe place, contacting a storage facility is a good idea. People use the self storage services to keep the things that will not be needed for a long time somewhere. They don’t want to clutter their homes and offices; that’s why they are looking for another solution, and that solution is renting a storage unit. If you rent a storage unit, you will have a place to store unnecessary things in, without cluttering your home. There are different types of storage units so you will be able to find something suitable for your needs.


Renting a storage unit has many advantages. The first advantage is that these units offer you a safe, secure and clean storage space. Storage facilities have guards, who are watching over the facility, especially during the night. Most of them also have surveillance cameras, so if an intruder tries to enter some storage unit, he will be spotted by the cameras and caught. With guards and cameras, a burglar will not risk being caught, so your belongings will be safe. Also, storage units are cleaned before renting, so you will not keep your items in a dirty, dusty place. By keeping things in a storage unit, you will protect them from weather conditions. All you need to do is pack your stuff into boxes, and put them into the unit. Be careful how you organize it. Always put furniture and items you will probably never need in the back of the unit, and keep items you will most definitely need again in the front, so they are easily accessible to you.

Another advantage is that self storage units come in different shapes and sizes, so you will find what you are looking for. Storage facilities have multiple units of different sizes to meet your needs. This saves you from having to rent a large storage unit for storing the small amount of items, or from having to rent two units if you have a lot of things. In these units, you can store everything, from small items like kitchen appliances to furniture, car, and boat. You can store anything you want in them.


Also, you can access some storage units through car or any commercial vehicle. This means you can drive your things directly to the unit. It is a very comfortable solution for people because there is no need for them to pick their things and carry them manually. When you rent a unit, make a decision about the lock. You have two options, to bring your lock, or to buy one from the storage facility. They are offering disc locks to their service users, which are well known for heavy-duty and maximum security.

Providing daycare for your children

Child care, daycare, or preschool is mostly associated with care for or a supervision of a child or a number of children, mostly ranging from age of six weeks to age of thirteen. The action and/or skill of looking after children is performed by a babysitter, a day care center or some other providers. Daycare for children usually refers to a facility for childcare to which parents take their children for care during daytime, and also supervision and learning. Daycare centers are specialized in providing care of infants as well as pre-school care for school-aged children. A vast number of people believes that attending a daycare center can only yield positive results for children. One of the most important factors which determine the quality of childcare is the actual number of children a caregiver is providing for; the fewer the number, the better the care. In addition, caregivers who had some college education and those who had positive beliefs about children provided more supportive care. The recent studies have found that parents whose children are provided with high-quality daycare may noticeably benefit by learning skills from the childcare providers.

  When it comes to daycare, you are given a choice between two types of facilities. You can choose a home daycare, which means that caregiver will provide childcare at her own home, usually while simultaneously caring for her own child or children. The possible downside of this option is that, while some home daycare providers have adequate training and are state licensed, a fair number of them are not. The other option is using Group Daycare, which includes facilities that are licensed by the state and are operated on a similar basis as schools with children of different age cared for in their respective age groups. Some of these schools are usually operated by the employers themselves. The majority of parents usually choose the Group Daycare option with studies showing that more than a quarter of infant children are under this type of care.


   Preschools are mostly associated with daycare and they are considered the most popular form of daycare. There are a number of benefits of preschool program that you and your child can have.  For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It presents a perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge of how to share, how to follow instructions, and establish the basic foundation for the process of learning that awaits them in elementary school. As the institution of kindergarten becomes more and more academic, many parents think of preschool as a means of launching their child on the path to success in further education. Children in preschool program also have the opportunity to befriend and socialize with other kids of similar age, which presents an advantage for parents who had their children cared by a babysitter. Last but not least, a final advantage, particularly in comparison  with the care service provided by a nanny, home daycare, and relative care, is that if a some kind of misfortune strikes the care provider (e.g. sickness), the parents don’t need to urgently look for a replacement.

Things you need to know before opening a restaurant

The restaurant business can be very lucrative and appealing. Opening your own restaurant is very exciting, and it gives you a chance to meet many different people. You will be happy with your profit if you know how to run a restaurant successfully. Of course, there is nothing easy about it, and it requires a lot of investing, but don’t worry, you will earn your investments back very soon.

If you are new to this business, everything will seem hard to you. There are many possible ups and downs of restaurant business, so try to always be in a good position. The first step of opening a restaurant is purchasing or leasing a space for your new restaurant. Unless you are taking over a restaurant, or you are opening a new one in a space that already has everything you need, you will have to renovate the place, and make sure everything is alright. Restaurants utilize specialized sewer, water, wiring, parking, lighting and other features, so they require specialized planning and expertise. You have to hire experts that are especially experienced with restaurant work. You can’t hire for example a plumber who has worked only in residential homes and has no experience with restaurant work.


It is important to choose a location where a lot of people pass by because they are all your potential customers. The location is vital to the success of a restaurant. If you found a perfect location, you should think about all that has to be done before opening the restaurant. Assess all your needs, make a list and consider how you will fulfill all of them. Also, you should discuss your plans with the landlord because restaurant renovations might require major structural changes. Maybe you will even get lucky, and your landlord will want to share some of the renovation costs with you, since you will be making improvements to their building. This is very good for your budget, as you will be able to invest in some other aspect of the restaurant if you save money on renovations. What you have to do before the renovation process begins is to make sure a contract or lease allows renovations. If it doesn’t, you have to give up on this process.

Before renovations are started, hire an experienced electrician, plumber and carpenter to inspect all the relevant systems. They will make sure your wiring, pipes, water lines and lighting are appropriate for your restaurant. Commercial stoves and ovens require specific electrical outlets and wiring that is different from those for domestic uses. Also, you should hire a general contractor before the renovation process. If you are planning to open a new restaurant in Washington hire one of the general contractors in Washington DC as they are the ones with all permits done on their names, and to make sure everything is done by codes and by right professionals.


The aesthetic of your restaurant is also crucial. It should look appealing and make the customers come back again. Some basic cosmetic upgrades such as decorating, painting, refinishing floors, laying carpet will have a positive effect on the look of restaurant. If you want your restaurant to look amazing hire design specialists to help you with the aesthetic side. They know how to pick the right furniture, right decorative items, know what colors and shades go perfectly with the furniture and with lightning. All in all, they know how to make your restaurant look amazing, appealing and elegant. Think about the impact you wish to have on your customers.

How much do Physical Therapy Assistants earn?

You have, probably, already heard how good it is to be a PTA. You can have together, at the same time, helping people and a nice salary.

A person who is dealing with various physical treatment regimes and exercises to treat people’s dysfunctions and injuries is a Physical Therapist. They are usually dealing with a wide range of patients, and the most common being accident victims, athletes, arthritis patient, cerebral palsy patients, etc.

There is also a person who assists the Physical Therapist with patients that are in recovery, and it usually works in hospitals, clinics, health-care centers and nursing homes. That is a Physical Therapy Assistant.


The Physical Therapy Assistant has to perform a lots of different treatments and rehabilitation procedures on injured patients, and it is all under supervision of a Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapist do need help of the Physical Therapy Assistants, because Therapists evaluate the patient’s treatment, and the assistant is the one who takes over and provides treatment to the patient. It is necessary to hire a person that is reliable and competent for being assistant, but it is also necessary for supervising him or her by the therapist. This is how more patients can be treated at the same time, prices for therapies can be lower, but still the income can be high enough to keep practice going.

So, if you want to become a Physical Therapy Assistant,  you have to complete an Associate’s degree from an accredited school, that will take you two years. Then, you have to obtain a license. You can choose between online courses and schools that offer you programs for PTAs. There are some courses that are always required, such as: English, anatomy, psychology, biology, physiology, chemistry, etc.

When you finally finish the course, you can find a proper job. Physical Therapy Assistant salary, annual salary, is around $32,000. Work on increasing your experience, your salary will increase too.

After 4 years of experience, the range of salary is from $38,000 to $45,000. After 20 years of experience, salary is around $60,000.

You have to think about factors that can affect on the height of the salary, such as the location of a job you’re attending, cost of living. There is also a difference in salaries in working in home- health services and nursing homes (they pay the second highest salary followed by government).

Location of a job is one of the main factors that affects the height of salaries for Physical Therapy Assistants. There are areas that are considered as hot spots and by working there, you will get higher pay. Some of the hot spots in the US are New York, Florida and Virginia.

Your salary will be also affected by the number of additional courses you have attended. The more courses you have, you will have more experience, and the more experience you have, your salary will keep going higher.

You have to be able to do this kind of job. It can be stressful, sometimes it can be really hard to deal with the patients, but in the end, you can be sure you are doing the right thing, and it sure can help you paying your bills.

Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

Play Golf and Improve Your Life

The first thing that makes golf different in regards to other sports is that you can have your goals, but you won’t be disappointed if you don’t reach all of them. One may think that this is a sport for people who are generally bad at sports, but the beauty of the golf is in its calmness. It’s more mental than physical training. There are a lot of different ways to play, and because of that, this sport is available for everyone – no matter the age.

In golf, you can choose to compete or not to compete, so you don’t have feel nervous about losing (or anxious about winning) because you can play it with others just for fun. The large open air field will help you relax and relieve yourself from stress. This sport also helps you to stay fit or lose unwanted pounds if you have them. Golf is fun because you can play it with your family and friends, and in the same time, you’ll become healthier and feel at your best. This sport will make you enjoy all your physical activities and exercises. It is also great because you can play it as many as you like, if you want to play for 2 hours – go ahead; if you want to play for 6 hours – go ahead as well! Playing golf is a proven way to improve your mood and increase your self-esteem. This sport is also a socially active game and this means you will have plenty time to make new friends or bond with your family and people you already know.


Of course, if you like to compete, you can compete at clubs, counties and even at national level. If you choose to compete, you can get help from golf swing trainers and learn to play like a true professional. Golf trainers can really help you with everything – starting from how to hold a club and how to steady your kick, to choosing the equipment that best suits you. Also they will correct your swing and playing style. They surely did correct my swing and now I feel that I play like a pro.

The best thing is that golf doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can find fields, playing style and golf equipment to fit every budget. You don’t need any special clothes, you just need to wear something comfortable like trainers and tracksuits. Every beginner course will provide you with the equipment you need like golf clubs and golf balls. Except from basic equipment, you can get some of the best golf training aid to help you achieve success much faster.


Now let’s talk about those health benefits – first, you’ll definitely lose weight because you will carry your bags around the field and walk about 3 miles every time you play in a large golf field. Only this walk is a great and sufficient physical activity, especially for someone of older age.  When you walk through 18-hole course about 3 to 5 times a week, you give your heart a great amount of exercise. This will also help you improve your stamina and endurance. Playing golf will release endorphin in your brain – this means you’ll get natural mood boosters which will reduce your stress level and make you feel powerful and happier. Everybody knows, that lowering your stress means dramatically increasing the quality of your health. For the elderly this is ideal for easily stimulating blood circulation which can affect their mental health (for example, it could be a good prevention of dementia). If you have troubles with insomnia, golf will provide you with enough activity to sleep all night long. Golf also improves your vision, strengthens your heart and lowers you blood pressure.

The Importance Of Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Repairs


By having cooling equipment such as an ultra-low temperature freezer, it means you invested hugely in the equipment and thus it needs to be kept in a clean, good and an operational order.

With these kinds of freezers, such as the walk-in coolers plus all kinds of freezers, you will be needed to take in some preventive measures to ensure their maximum performance before you start searching for the best scientific equipment repair. Due to the sensitive nature of the ultra low freezers, you will be required to keep its doors closed every time the freezer is not in use. If it happens that you leave the door open for quite a longer time, the ice will quickly start to build up on the coils of the evaporator and, later on, can lead to cooling problems. By keeping your doors closed, you will be able to cut down on any service calls that are unnecessary.

Nat'l lab

If it happens that your doors must remain open, then you will have to add an air door or an air curtain to the doorways. If you want to install these features, then you will have to inquire from various sales persons or rather representatives for the availability of the energy saving air doors and air curtains.

Condenser coils:

Always ensure to keep your condenser coils clean in all your freezer equipment. Also you will be required to keep your condenser coils free from any dust plus grease and at the same time clean. This will play a vital role in preventing breakdowns and at the same time avoiding costly repair bills. With this, you’ll also be able to save on your electricity bills. The dust which accumulates on the condenser coils can be easily brushed off the coil or even use the compressed air to blow it off. Grease which has built up for quite some time will require the services of a cleaning company that specializes in ultra-low temperature freezer repair to clean it thoroughly by using a coil cleaning solution.

Freezer Cooling:

This is the most important aspect of your freezer. By keeping it clean at all times, it will enable your freezer to run better and at the same time be able to cause less tear and wear on the freezers parts. This way, you’ll be able to save money that accrues from the electricity bills plus the costs that are incurred from excessive repairs. Each brand will need to be serviced differently, and it makes sense to find a reputable company to handle your needs. Based on your brand, you will want to find someone who specializes in Revco freezer repair on Sanyo ultra-low freezer repairs.

Ensure you keep the freezer in a good working order that has got a high quality plus a water filtration system that has been properly installed. Ensure that you change the filters in a span of three to six months. These suggestions will play a very vital role in extending the life span of your machine, in cutting down the cost of repairs and even lead to better services to your customers or better quality of the specimen stored in there.

Using the Latest Plumbing Innovations to Improve the Quality of Healthcare

In many countries around the world, access to affordable and safe healthcare is somewhat limited and the overall condition of many healthcare facilities leaves a lot to be desired as well. This can be changed for the better though, because there are many new plumbing innovations that can be used to improve the quality of healthcare in hospitals – regardless of where they may be.

Touch-Free Bathroom Fixtures

One of the biggest advances in the plumbing industry has been the introduction of touch-free fixtures such as faucets, soap dispensers, toilets and paper towel holders. Although these have become extremely popular in places such as schools, airports and shopping malls, they certainly have their place in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well. The fewer surfaces there are that need to be touched by numerous hospital patients, employees and members of the public, the less chance there is for germs and contact-borne illnesses to spread.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Many hospitals in developing countries have to deal with their power being disconnected on a regular basis, which leaves them with no way of being able to sterilize equipment or provide hot water to wash linen and prepare meals. However, this can easily be remedied if solar-powered hot water systems are installed in these properties. Patients will still be able to enjoy sanitary conditions while being treated in these facilities and hospital employees would be able to continue providing the best possible level of care to them. Here’s an image of a fully built solar system with an additional use of solar tracking system to maximize efficiency.

Water-Saving Fixtures and Devices

One of the biggest expenses that most hospitals deal with is that of water bills – not many of these facilities receive much in the way of government funding for this anymore. In cases like these, fixtures such as water-saving toilets, faucets and even rainwater tanks can be installed to help offset the cost of this essential commodity. These savings can then be passed on to the patients in the form of slightly lower bills for the duration of their hospital stays. It will also help ensure that conditions in these hospitals remain as sanitary as possible.

Installing Plumbing Fixtures in Hospitals

When having any of the above mentioned plumbing fixtures installed in hospitals or other healthcare facilities, it is essential that the work be done by a qualified and licensed plumber Orange County. This will ensure that the work is performed according to current industry standards and that there will not be any comebacks or repercussions afterwards. Some of the best ways to find licensed and experienced plumbers are to perform online searches and to ask friends, family or colleagues for referrals if they have recently had any plumbing work carried out.

Incorporating the latest plumbing innovations into hospital wards, operating theaters, laundries, restrooms and kitchens will go a long way in helping to improve the quality of healthcare substantially. As a result, patients will be able to focus on what is most important for them as well – namely, the road to recovery.