NYC Comedians For Hire-Benefits And Fund Raisers Effect Change Now

Hire A Comedian For Your Next Benefit

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Attention NYC Socialites and philanthropists.  Orchestras and jazz trios are fantastic. But just about every fund raiser you have been to has these same people playing them and the same type of feel, as the fund raisers are often thrown by the same circle of highly influential and well connected people.

If you would like to break the mold, and thus make a lasting impact on the memories of people attending your event, then consider hiring a comedian. They have the distinct ability to drop people’s guards and enjoy themselves. The goal of the fund raiser is to get people to open their pockets for a worthy cause, so do what you have to do to get the job done.

Now of course you want to cater to the tastes of the attendees, so if their language tastes, lean more toward the conservative, then you could consider hiring a clean comedian.

NYC Comedians Light Up The Big Apple

New York City is the city that never sleeps. This is a popular city not just in the US but also across the whole wide world. Every day and every night, people are alive and active.  One of the main attractions in this city, otherwise known as ‘The Big Apple,’ is the NYC comedians that really make people laugh, chuckle and even cry the tears of fun and joy.


Once you’re in this city, either for a vacation or work, you need to visit some clubs here that offer stress-freeing comedy shows. The clubs are truly fantastic and awesome. They can really enliven your body and mind. They can make you roll on the floor laughing and chuckling.

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Here is a list of some big clubs in NYC.


  1. Carolines on Broadway


Listed on the number 1 spot is Carolines on Broadway. This club is where the best comedy names in town were performing. Guaranteed you can really enjoy the shows here. I was here 2 months ago and I could not ask for more. The show I saw was really fantastic. The performers here are all professional comedians.


  1. The Creek and The Cave


It’s found in the Long Island City. This comedy bar is showing comedy shows nightly. No break. Every night, you can have fun when you visit this place. This is really a fantastic place to go. Rest assured that once you’re here, you can really enjoy the health benefits of laughing.


  1. Comedy Cellar


This is another place that NYC is boasting. This comedy bar is the home of so many big names in the industry. This is one of the highly-crowded comical bars in the State of New York. So, you need to really go here. But, beware of the overcrowding. This place is always crowded every night.


  1. Greenwich Village Comedy Club


This is another comedy attraction in the Big Apple. This is owned by Al Martin. You can have your journey here with some of your friends or loved ones. It’s assured by the owner and his hired performers that every time you go here, your time will become valuable. You can really have the ultimate enjoyment ever.


  1. Magnet Theater


This comedy bar is usually performed by solo comedy artist or entertainer. This place is highly recognized in the entire City of New York due to its highly recognized comical presentations. The shows, foods and drinks here are worth the money.


To complete your life in the city that never sleeps, you need to explore the comedy bars here. If you want some fun, you can go to any of the bars listed above. But wait, there’s more… The bar names listed above are just a few. NYC has a lot of comedy bars that attract its tourists and visitors. It has a lot of comical shows that can really make the inhabitants here so proud and happy. Enjoy your time once you’re here.