You can also have an interesting job

A police dispatcher is an individual responsible for receiving 911 calls, and forwarding them to appropriate police officers who are able to respond quickly to an emergency call. Therefore, a police dispatcher represents a link between people encountering some unpleasant event, or who are in some dangerous situation, and police officers. As you can see, a dispatcher is a string that binds together these two parties involved in a two-way conversation. If you have this in mind, there is no place to wonder about the importance of communication skills in this type of a job. A police dispatcher must be able to remain calm in the most stressful situation, and to know how to calm down a caller experiencing some emergency. Moreover, a dispatcher should know which approach to use to get a precise information from a stressed caller. These pieces of information will be of great assistance to the police, as they will know what are they getting into. As a consequence, police officers can do their job even better, thanks to dispatchers. If you are interested in helping the police as a police dispatcher, you should attend some police dispatcher school so you can find out more about all responsibilities and duties of the job, and how to deal with different scenarios.


But, if you are interested in pursuing a career which is more dynamic, you should take into the consideration a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But, firstly, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in the criminal justice or similar area of a study. And, if you have a master’s degree, that is only an additional benefit as it will ease your progress in a career. Besides the formal education, you should possess some practical experience as well. If you are accepted into the program by FBI as a potential candidate, you will have to go for an additional practice so you can become ready for a job in this department. If you want to 911 dispatcher, inform yourself about all aspects regarding this type of a career so you know what you can expect on the job. If you want to have an exciting career as an agent, just go for it without any hesitation!


If you want to have an exciting job, you can also consider a career in the 911 dispatcher. The 911 dispatcher was established after the terrorist attack on the September, 11th. The primary task of this department is to keep safe the borders of the United States, to protect them from any threat, and in addition to be able to respond appropriately in a case of natural disasters. There are a lot of reasons for getting 911 degrees. Firstly, a career in this sector is quite rewarding as you will help in keeping the nation secure. And what can be more fulfilling than that? Furthermore, you will be able to choose from a variety of possible job opportunities according to your personal interests. Not to mention that the salary is very satisfying. In any case, if you want some interesting and active type of a job, you should think about working for 911 dispatcher. If you decide to pursue a career in this department, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

Embracing the Green Trend like a True New Yorker Would

As a New Yorker you’re probably aware that you live in a city with many environmental issues. You also probably think that in such big cities there are always problems with air pollution. Now the problem is that, according to research conducted last year, air pollution in New York has increased and led to increased risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. It doesn’t matter in which part of the city you live in, merely inhaling the air will increase your risk of ending up with a clogged artery. So what should we do? Don’t breathe? Well, that’s kinda hard. Keep quiet and live on? Well, we could, but we won’t. As a responsible citizens we must fight the air pollution any way we can, and in this article we’ll show you how.


Being eco-friendly is something that becomes more and more important not every year, but every day. It’s a new way of life we need to embrace. Being eco-friendly means living with intent and living with a meaning of creating a better tomorrow. Your intent, among others, from now on, must be focused on conserving and not harming the environment. You are not only a citizen of New York, you’re also a citizen of the planet earth and your duty is to protect it. Never forget that this planet gave you a home and the food you eat.

Wake up!

Start waking up and becoming aware of the choices you make. Think how those choices affect the ones around you, including your environment. Consume items that cause minimal harm to the nature and try lessening your carbon imprint in the nature. We know you have to live in a house and drive a car, but you should act with the proper responsibility in order to actually be able to decrease your effects on environment. Take care of your littering, reuse your items as much as you can, use energy efficient products and conserve water and electricity in your home.


Start planting!

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you should always have a little garden that will literally act as your personal living air purifier. If you have a yard, with the proper back garden design you can enjoy your own little piece of heavenly lands. You can grow a few vegetables and some nice herbs or you can just plant beautiful flowers. If you live in an apartment, you could become an urban gardener. An urban garden can really be the answer to reducing air pollution. With your own garden you will enjoy 40% more fresh air than before and you’ll also enjoy free organic food. Whenever you can plant trees, trees not only give us oxygen but also food, timber, shelter and many other things.


Support others and educate!

Join green groups to learn more how to fight against pollution. You can join different environmental groups in NY and educate others to become more nature-friendly.

Being eco-friendly is much more from simply turning off the lights when you leave the room or recycling your garbage. It is a way of life and it’s about changing the purpose of the way you live.


Arizona School District Slaps Pro Choice in The Face

The Gilbert School District in Arizona presumably has a very unique way of expressing its beliefs about abstinence and abortion. According to a moms and dad whose kid is a high-schooler in the district, school authorities revealed its “strong inclination towards the promoting of childbirth” by having the students put stickers saying so in their science books.

Suzanne Young composed that she learned of the sticker when her child handed her his biology book after school and said “You’re going to wish to read this.” Exactly what she saw was a statement from the school district decrying abortion and promoting abstaining for all students. Failure to put the sticker label into their books in a prompt way, Young tweeted, would result in students needing to consult with their grade’s administrator to discuss their rejection.

While this sticker might look stunning, it’s not completely unanticipated from a state where sex education in schools is not obligatory. Any sex-ed that is taught, depending upon the choice of the school district, should stress abstinence-only perspectives, according to Pro-Choice Arizona. And the state’s option to uphold this curriculum has actually resulted in some very dismaying data.

From NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona:

Arizona ranks second in the country in regards to teen pregnancy, placing a great problem on these young mothers, their children, and their households. But the expenses of teenager parenthood are not only personal. In 2004 a study performed by the National Project to try to decrease Teen Pregnancy discovered that a teen pregnancy can cost Arizona taxpayers a minimum of $252mil per year. According to AZ Central, the school district voted last year to get rid of several pages from an honors biology text that recommended that contraception might avoid pregnancy. While it wasn’t then clear how the school district would tackle editing a book, the stickers might describe how the district has opted to maintain the laws governing sex education.

A call to the school district yielded hardly any information. Monica Baxley-Ortega, who is an administrative assistant for the Gilbert school district Public Relations office, told us that she had no idea if the stickers were in fact real or not, but did state that such a sticker label had actually been talked about during the spring term which she thought that “they simply went on with it.” She’s guaranteed clearer details on the sticker’s status; Jezebel will update as it becomes available.

We interviewed a spokesperson for gynecological clinic in Phoenix to get a community healthcare center’s stance on the issue.

“The huge problem we see with this is the limitation it puts on educating our children… No one want’s to see a young thrust into adulthood and expect them to thrive on their own but what we want is for them to that there are options out there, people to help and places to go.” Jen –

Are safe, clean public washrooms really an issue for New Yorkers?

Living in a large city like New York can be exciting but it can have its difficulties too.

The city has struggled for years with the upkeep and maintenance of public facilities. Access to adequately clean and safe public bathrooms is just one of those issues.

Bathroom Renovation DublinHowever a savvy citizen has come up with a solution. He has established a network of well maintained, clean and fresh smelling modern bathrooms throughout the City which you can use if you find yourself in need while out and about. You can locate the nearest bathroom to you via an app. The project was created by Yezin Al-Qaysi. Finding a comfortable washroom in New York has been a challenge in the past, Looie is putting this to a halt.

As it was once put, necessity is the mother of invention, and Al-Qaysi only came up with the idea after realizing just how many people were being affected by the same issue and the extent to which it affected the quality of life. Al-Qaysi has tried to use one stone to kill two birds at the same time; first, he wants to make bathrooms for the people of New York and secondly, he wants to ensure that the people of New York can enjoy clean, safe bathrooms.

Looie is obviously not the first washroom locator app. But it is a unique app as it offers superbly clean and private washrooms with just single click. Even though the membership comes at a cost that some may consider luxury (25 US Dollars per month), it is definitely worth it:

  • As a member, you will have an exclusive key to any Looie washroom in New York and access to this app that will direct you to the nearest Looie bathroom to you.
  • Guaranteed bathroom experience – as Al-Qaysi said, the bathrooms will be super clean and smelling great. The bathrooms are cleaned between seven and ten times in a day.

Currently, Al-Qaysi is holding talks with a number of establishments including gyms and restaurants in the city to let him do the washroom maintenance duties for them; a move which the man himself believes will help not only the customers but the staff who will have one less thing to handle. A massive 500 people including those with certain medical conditions have been enabled to pre-order the Looie app. Al-Qaysi aims to have raised six washrooms in Tribeca area within one month and before the upcoming launch. He also plans to come up with twelve more washrooms within the year. Success of the project will see Al-Qaysi and Looie venture in other cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and San Francisco.

To Al-Qaysi’s surprise, many potential customers liked this idea. Clean washrooms are actual a necessity in life, not a privilege.

So what do you think? Will you be paying for access to comfortable washrooms?