Why Are New Yorkers Demanding Grass Fed Beef?

Grass fed is certainly all the rage these days, but is it justified? Is it something that really improves people’s lives and are the increasing A beautifully presented grass-fed steak dinnernumbers of grass-fed burger joints and restaurants in NYC just a fad, or here to stay?

In my opinion, they’re here to stay – possibly even more likely in NYC than other parts of the country. Why? Because we expect more.

One prime example of this (no pun intended) is the high demand in New York City not only for decent beef or steak but for grass fed beef that is not only organic but has been naturally raised and grazed outside of feed barns that are all too common on mass-produced farms.

But let’s get more specific… Why are major restaurants in New York City (and their patrons) demanding grass fed beef? The answer is simple: the meat is not only much healthier, but it tastes much better than mass produced feed that comes from stressed out cows coming from a mass production feed farm. Better meat means better steak, and many people attest to the fact that the taste difference isn’t small.

Social Status And Grass-Fed Beef

Aside from the simple fact that better tasting food is always going to be in high demand, there’s also no denying that social status is going to play a part when it comes to what is ordered. Being environmentally friendly has always been a major part of the in-crowd, so to speak, and another factor is the simple fact that, in New York, you have two unique groups who are going to demand grass fed beef for very different reasons.

First of all, socialites or status bearers are going to care about the welfare of the animals being handled and they are going to want organic and grass fed beef. Anyone who is really focused on their ideal health will also go with grass fed since it has been shown to be much healthier than mass produced farm beef. These are major reasons why these groups are going to demand the much more trendy grass fed option versus anything that is served from mass produced procedures.

The other group is going to be the Wall Street bankers and the major industry financiers, who are always going to demand the absolute best in food, and that means grass fed beef whether you are talking about hamburger or steak.

When you have both these groups in one city and tourists from all around the world, does it really come as a surprise that more and more New Yorkers from the Big Apple are demanding more grass fed beef to replace the inorganic options that just don’t carry the same health benefits or flavor?

When it comes to getting the best meal at the best price, there’s no question that grass fed is the way to go and if there’s one thing New York City is known for, it is its taste in fine things and that is going to include the absolute best in food.

If you’re a NYC restaurateur looking to source top quality meat for your patrons, the following site has a list of great resources for buying both organic and grass-fed beef: http://www.grassfedbeef.online

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