New Yorkers Know The Importance of Electrode Pads for Back Pain Treatment

replacement pads for tens unitThere are many people across the country who suffer from back pain, and in the bustling metropolis of New York it’s no different. This condition has several potential treatment options. Over-the-counter pain medications may be effective for some individuals, but medicines carry side effects such as potential liver damage. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS along with replacement electrodes for tens unit, is a type of treatment that’s growing in popularity, and if you live a hectic, New York lifestyle, you may want to consider this form of treatment. Anyone using this type of therapy who owns a TENS unit, or who borrows such a unit with a prescription borrowing program, will need to purchase replacement electrode pads on a regular basis.

You may have heard about these powerful tools that help counteract chronic pain. TENS units and electrode pads can be legally purchased at many online retailers and at local medical supply stores. The unit will come with instructions and with enough pads for the unit’s initial use. These pads cannot be used multiple times, so you’ll have to buy more of them as needed in order to continue your treatments.

Electrode pads are placed strategically on the painful area of the body and attached to the base unit. Patients will have several options in regard to the electrical pulses sent through the area, from a continuous stream of pulses to longer and shorter bursts of energy. In addition, patients can also select the intensity of the pulses. It’s best to start on a low setting and to turn the machine up slowly until the desired level is reached, instead of doing the opposite.

How long patients leave the unit running depends on the degree of muscle tension and on how long patients can remain comfortably attached to the system. Some people become agitated when they sit still for long periods of time, while others embrace the relaxing effects of the treatment.

The initial pads that come with a newly-purchased TENS unit may lack the adhesiveness required for repeated uses. Patients can try to reuse these electrode pads several times, but this course of action is not recommended. In fact, doing so may be a waste of time since patients are unlikely to receive a proper connection. TENS users should make sure to order enough electrodes in advance so they don’t have to worry about running out.

Users should watch TENS video reviews and usage tutorials as these tools teach the best locations to attach electrodes for treatment preparation. Moving pads by even an inch can drastically change which muscles are stimulated by the machine.

Now that you know the benefits of using a TENS unit and TENS unit electrode pads, you’re one step closer to curing your chronic pain. Speak with your doctor today about this form of treatment so that you can get back to doing good work in the Big Apple.