Travelling to the USA

You like travelling. It is your passion. It is your life. You like visiting foreign countries, meeting new cultures, people and learning about their tradition and way of life.

Your next travel destination is – the United States of America. Planning a trip may be quite thrilling, but very often you cannot be sure if you have planned everything required for such an international trip.

First thing you should know is that residents of many countries should apply for a visa when travelling to the United States. When you apply for the United States visa, the purpose of the travel and some other facts determine the type of the visa you need. You will have to establish that you meet all necessary requirements to receive the category you are applying for.

us-visaHave you heard of ESTA for the USA?  If you want to check eligibility to travel to the USA, there is an easy way to do that. Just, go to ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization, and an automated system that will help you. Actually, it does not determine whether you are admissible to the United States, it is upon US Customs and Border Protection officers. As it works under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), ESTA applications collect required information and respond to VWP eligibility questions. Visa Waiver Program enables eligible citizens or nationals to travel to the United States of America, for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less, without first obtaining visa. Travel under VWP is restricted to specific countries and travelers having passports with specific security features.

ESTA applications can be submitted any time prior the travel, but it would be best to to submit it at the same time when you start planning your travel or before you buy your plane ticket.

To complete your ESTA process, you should fill out the USA ESTA application, first. The next step is to verify your personal information and submit application. Then, submit your payment, and you will instantly receive your ESTA document. An approved ESTA is not a visa as it does not meet legal and regulatory requirements as a visa.

ESTA application data remains active as long as ESTA is valid, which is generally two years or until the passport expiration, whichever comes first.


ESTA Application Requirements

Requirements to get your ESTA:

  • You should apply at least 72 hoursbefore your travel.
  • You must a holder of an individual machine-readable passport or ePassport(one with a chip). If you do not have it, you will need to get a visa instead.
  • Provide accurate informationwhile filling in your ESTA application.
  • Normally, you will be provided with responds in seconds, but for few passengers it could take up as long as 72 hours.
  • If your ESTA is not approved, you will have to get a visa.
  • If you already have obtained a visa for the US, then there is no need for an ESTA.
  • You must apply online for your ESTA.

If you are in any doubt about if you are qualified for the VWP, or if you are concerned that y existing ESTA may have been cancelled, you should contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.


Embracing the Green Trend like a True New Yorker Would

As a New Yorker you’re probably aware that you live in a city with many environmental issues. You also probably think that in such big cities there are always problems with air pollution. Now the problem is that, according to research conducted last year, air pollution in New York has increased and led to increased risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. It doesn’t matter in which part of the city you live in, merely inhaling the air will increase your risk of ending up with a clogged artery. So what should we do? Don’t breathe? Well, that’s kinda hard. Keep quiet and live on? Well, we could, but we won’t. As a responsible citizens we must fight the air pollution any way we can, and in this article we’ll show you how.


Being eco-friendly is something that becomes more and more important not every year, but every day. It’s a new way of life we need to embrace. Being eco-friendly means living with intent and living with a meaning of creating a better tomorrow. Your intent, among others, from now on, must be focused on conserving and not harming the environment. You are not only a citizen of New York, you’re also a citizen of the planet earth and your duty is to protect it. Never forget that this planet gave you a home and the food you eat.

Wake up!

Start waking up and becoming aware of the choices you make. Think how those choices affect the ones around you, including your environment. Consume items that cause minimal harm to the nature and try lessening your carbon imprint in the nature. We know you have to live in a house and drive a car, but you should act with the proper responsibility in order to actually be able to decrease your effects on environment. Take care of your littering, reuse your items as much as you can, use energy efficient products and conserve water and electricity in your home.


Start planting!

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you should always have a little garden that will literally act as your personal living air purifier. If you have a yard, with the proper back garden design you can enjoy your own little piece of heavenly lands. You can grow a few vegetables and some nice herbs or you can just plant beautiful flowers. If you live in an apartment, you could become an urban gardener. An urban garden can really be the answer to reducing air pollution. With your own garden you will enjoy 40% more fresh air than before and you’ll also enjoy free organic food. Whenever you can plant trees, trees not only give us oxygen but also food, timber, shelter and many other things.


Support others and educate!

Join green groups to learn more how to fight against pollution. You can join different environmental groups in NY and educate others to become more nature-friendly.

Being eco-friendly is much more from simply turning off the lights when you leave the room or recycling your garbage. It is a way of life and it’s about changing the purpose of the way you live.