Are NYC Residents Discriminating Against Other City Dwellers Fashion Sense?

NY Fashion With A Down Home Flair

Livnfresh Michigan Family Wearing MittenState Hoodies


New York has been the ideal place to be for the majority of people in the world. Everybody wants a taste of the Big Apple experience. They want to know why it is the city that never sleeps. Is it because of the skyscrapers they are attracted to? Is it the culture? Is it the places? Is it the yellow taxi cabs? Whatever the reason is, when you hear the word New York, you cannot help but dream about the life you could live there.

 Do NYC residents look down on people from smaller cities as they may live on a farm or wear camoflauge?

These Camo Livnfresh Hoodies Might Not Fit In The NYC Fashion Week but they are super comfortable and practical.

These Camo Livnfresh Hoodies Might Not Fit In The NYC Fashion Week but they are super comfortable and practical.

With a lot of people in New York City, it has been considered as the melting pot of people with different races and cultures but with individual and distinct personalities. It is almost impossible not to see people walking in the streets so fast, climbing up the 5th floor of a building, getting a burger from one of the food tracks or just looking around the high buildings overshadowing them. New York has always been busy for jobs that are available here, name it. This is one of the main reasons why people are concentrated in this area. Everything you could ever ask for is here.


But not all people forget the place they have considered home. It is the place where they were born, grew up and had a family. The place and its people have witnessed how they grew together, and that is something sentimental. It is never easy leaving home.


Michigan has the most loyal people in this world for they never forget this place wherever they are, wherever they may go. People are proud of where they come from and they are not afraid to show it off to the world. Some of them are in another land now, but that does not mean that they forgot where they come from.


People here are not afraid of showing their state pride by wearing any of the local Michigan Apparel, like this LivnFresh Hang Ten t-shirt. They are doing this not only to remind them what home feels like but also as a symbol of loyalty to the land that sheltered and molded them. Michigan has been a big part of their lives as if it’s a close friend that is hard to leave out. They are giving back to the place where they grew by showing their pride of the land they call home.


Let us be clear, not because they chose to live in another city does mean that they have not been grateful to the land where they were raised. It only means that they are living the dream that their family and friends in Michigan hoped for them to achieve. They cannot live their dreams without going out of their boxes. They also need to share this to the rest of the world. As long as they are not forgetting how their land helped them out with life, they are remaining loyal to their homeland. And the moment they will meet each other again, it is sure that Michigan will be so proud of what they have achieved in life.