How to make family time memorable

It is not always that you get time to stay with your family for long. When you find that time, make it worthwhile by doing these things that increase bonding.

Play family card games

Playing a game of cards brings family members closer.  You can make family card games more interesting by printing custom decks with various themes. It makes the game seem fresh hence more exciting. Make each member of the family involved by creating cards themed according to their interests. You can the play different decks interchangeably so that each person family gets an opportunity to play cards with their own created theme.

family card games 2There are various themes to use on cards.  It can be about interesting things for each person such as golf, cars or cartoons.  It can also be about things you have in common such a wedding photo for a couple or picture taken during celebration of a special occasion by one member of the family such as birthday, graduation or anniversary. Try to come up with in house rules for a game of cards made just for family pleasure.

Serve ice cream

Make family time during hot weather more interesting by serving them ice cream. An ice cream scoop makes it easier and more hygienic to scoop and serve. A scoop also keeps your hand free of ice cream.

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoops are good as they do not discolor or chip. You can clean them with dishwasher and will stay the same even after repeated washing cycles. It is quite comfortable to hold as it good grips. Stainless steel ice cream scoop is solid and strong. It will not bend when you use to scoop. It has much ability for reaching hard to get areas in ice cream container.  Because of the bowl like shape, a scoop will penetrate into ice cream and pull out rounded sections.

Brew coffee with thermal French press

Thermal French press is a device for brewing pure coffee. It will brew coffee in minutes and within a moment you will be serving your family.  Using a French press is a pure brewing method because it does not use paper filter or anything else that can alter taste of finished brew. It is also one of the simplest ways to brew coffee.

Thermal French pressYou will pour water enough for the people you are serving in the coffee press and turn it on. When it reaches appropriate temperature, pour it slowly over coffee grounds inside the press and stir any remaining grounds floating atop water with spoon so that it gets into contact with water.

Thermal French press brews quality coffee in just 4 minutes. Additionally, you can use it for brewing loose tea as a tea infuser would.

Best refillable k cup

A good refillable k cup is one made of stainless steel because it is durable. There are various types of k-cups with each brand claiming to have best refillable k cup.  A good one is that which has heat resistant grips, proper sealing and metal hinge so as to resist fatigue caused by frequent use. There are types   sold with sediment free filter and micro screen base that ensures full even extraction of coffee.