You can also have an interesting job

A police dispatcher is an individual responsible for receiving 911 calls, and forwarding them to appropriate police officers who are able to respond quickly to an emergency call. Therefore, a police dispatcher represents a link between people encountering some unpleasant event, or who are in some dangerous situation, and police officers. As you can see, a dispatcher is a string that binds together these two parties involved in a two-way conversation. If you have this in mind, there is no place to wonder about the importance of communication skills in this type of a job. A police dispatcher must be able to remain calm in the most stressful situation, and to know how to calm down a caller experiencing some emergency. Moreover, a dispatcher should know which approach to use to get a precise information from a stressed caller. These pieces of information will be of great assistance to the police, as they will know what are they getting into. As a consequence, police officers can do their job even better, thanks to dispatchers. If you are interested in helping the police as a police dispatcher, you should attend some police dispatcher school so you can find out more about all responsibilities and duties of the job, and how to deal with different scenarios.


But, if you are interested in pursuing a career which is more dynamic, you should take into the consideration a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But, firstly, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in the criminal justice or similar area of a study. And, if you have a master’s degree, that is only an additional benefit as it will ease your progress in a career. Besides the formal education, you should possess some practical experience as well. If you are accepted into the program by FBI as a potential candidate, you will have to go for an additional practice so you can become ready for a job in this department. If you want to 911 dispatcher, inform yourself about all aspects regarding this type of a career so you know what you can expect on the job. If you want to have an exciting career as an agent, just go for it without any hesitation!


If you want to have an exciting job, you can also consider a career in the 911 dispatcher. The 911 dispatcher was established after the terrorist attack on the September, 11th. The primary task of this department is to keep safe the borders of the United States, to protect them from any threat, and in addition to be able to respond appropriately in a case of natural disasters. There are a lot of reasons for getting 911 degrees. Firstly, a career in this sector is quite rewarding as you will help in keeping the nation secure. And what can be more fulfilling than that? Furthermore, you will be able to choose from a variety of possible job opportunities according to your personal interests. Not to mention that the salary is very satisfying. In any case, if you want some interesting and active type of a job, you should think about working for 911 dispatcher. If you decide to pursue a career in this department, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

Becoming a police dispatcher – FBI special agent

Dispatchers who work in police stations function as intermediators between law and people. They receive 911 calls and therefore they need to be professionals of communication. They need to stay calm in stressful situations and to listen carefully in order to help people and manage emergency and non-emergency phone calls. Dispatchers must respond quickly and draw out information from nervous callers, and what is really important, they must maintain positive attitude and know how to calm down callers.

The job of a police dispatcher is extremely challenging and it requires many skills. In order to acquire those skills you must enroll in some police dispatcher school and get your certificate. No matter which school you choose, you will be given proper education which includes different instructions and practical experience dealing with the protocol of dispatch. It also includes training in some basics of the public safety, community behaviour, psychology, sociology, emergency services, and acquiring many other necessary skills. If you get lucky and find a job as a police dispatcher you may have the opportunity to earn a good salary.

Dispatch-ErtleAlthough the job of a police dispatcher can be very interesting, it does not involve so much action. If you like a job with more action than you should consider becoming an FBI special agent. FBI agents work and investigate for the government. Their duty is to investigate different federal violations, questions concerning sensitive security, and to solve many crime cases. It is not an easy job. FBI special agent must be responsible and have highly developed moral values and sense for justice. If you think that you are the right person for that job, then you must acquire certain skills.

In order to become an FBI special agent you should first achieve extraordinary results in your high school and, beside that, be involved in different extracurricular activities. Secondly, when you finish your high school, you must apply for a college and complete your four year degree in a field you choose. Then you should gain some work experience and through that experience further upgrade your personality. Finally, when you complete all that is required of you, you can apply for FBI employment.

If the job of a police dispatcher and an FBI special agent is not inviting enough for you, then you can try out yourself in some of Homeland Security degrees. Homeland Security degrees were created after the events of September 11, 2001 in order to protect United States from any kind of terrorism. Many universities offer various types of Homeland Security degrees now. You can choose among associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.  After completting your studies you will be equiped with all the skills and knowledge necessary to discern possible threats, and you will be able to find job at any level of government. Since Homeland Security is still growing field, you can develop yourself simultaneously with it and learn further, improve your skills, or acquire completely new ones.