How much do Physical Therapy Assistants earn?

You have, probably, already heard how good it is to be a PTA. You can have together, at the same time, helping people and a nice salary.

A person who is dealing with various physical treatment regimes and exercises to treat people’s dysfunctions and injuries is a Physical Therapist. They are usually dealing with a wide range of patients, and the most common being accident victims, athletes, arthritis patient, cerebral palsy patients, etc.

There is also a person who assists the Physical Therapist with patients that are in recovery, and it usually works in hospitals, clinics, health-care centers and nursing homes. That is a Physical Therapy Assistant.


The Physical Therapy Assistant has to perform a lots of different treatments and rehabilitation procedures on injured patients, and it is all under supervision of a Physical Therapist.

Physical Therapist do need help of the Physical Therapy Assistants, because Therapists evaluate the patient’s treatment, and the assistant is the one who takes over and provides treatment to the patient. It is necessary to hire a person that is reliable and competent for being assistant, but it is also necessary for supervising him or her by the therapist. This is how more patients can be treated at the same time, prices for therapies can be lower, but still the income can be high enough to keep practice going.

So, if you want to become a Physical Therapy Assistant,  you have to complete an Associate’s degree from an accredited school, that will take you two years. Then, you have to obtain a license. You can choose between online courses and schools that offer you programs for PTAs. There are some courses that are always required, such as: English, anatomy, psychology, biology, physiology, chemistry, etc.

When you finally finish the course, you can find a proper job. Physical Therapy Assistant salary, annual salary, is around $32,000. Work on increasing your experience, your salary will increase too.

After 4 years of experience, the range of salary is from $38,000 to $45,000. After 20 years of experience, salary is around $60,000.

You have to think about factors that can affect on the height of the salary, such as the location of a job you’re attending, cost of living. There is also a difference in salaries in working in home- health services and nursing homes (they pay the second highest salary followed by government).

Location of a job is one of the main factors that affects the height of salaries for Physical Therapy Assistants. There are areas that are considered as hot spots and by working there, you will get higher pay. Some of the hot spots in the US are New York, Florida and Virginia.

Your salary will be also affected by the number of additional courses you have attended. The more courses you have, you will have more experience, and the more experience you have, your salary will keep going higher.

You have to be able to do this kind of job. It can be stressful, sometimes it can be really hard to deal with the patients, but in the end, you can be sure you are doing the right thing, and it sure can help you paying your bills.

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